MC Does Lollapalooza

To end festival season with a bang, we headed to Chicago (with 300,000 of our closest friends) for the 2013 edition of Lollapalooza.


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    Matt and Kim

    I chatted with the Brooklyn duo, whose fourth full-length album Lightning is dropping this fall, before their high-energy set on Saturday. Kim was kind enough to share her philosophy on festival dressing:

    "We get pretty crazy out there, and it's almost like a workout, so I do have to go for function. There are some things I would love to wear on stage, but you know what happens when you're playing drums and you're wearing a dress? You get stuck — it's happened before. And then I stopped wearing dresses. Also, hoochie hoops! I once had a stick go through the one of my hoop earrings, and luckily it came right out, but I immediately took them off. So, you know, it's kinda tough. There are things that I want to wear, but you know, the show comes first."

    Matt Ellis, Lollapalooza
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