MC Does Lollapalooza

To end festival season with a bang, we headed to Chicago (with 300,000 of our closest friends) for the 2013 edition of Lollapalooza.


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    MS MR

    New York-based duo MS MR, Max Hershenow and Lizzy Plapinger, were the funniest pair I met at Lolla, but they were a bit nervous when we sat down backstage on Sunday. "This is, as our manager so calmly put it last night, the biggest show of our career thus far," Max joked. Read on for highlights from our chat.

    Are there any festival trends that you wish would just go away?
    LP: I have some serious opinions about this. I am really over the headband around the hair thing. I just can't. I'm really done with it. And I'm all for like a 'flower child,' but now it seems so sterile and generic that it just seems really cheesy to me. It's a little bit too sunny for me anyways, so I'm ready for that to die.

    MH: I've also noticed a phenomenon, mostly at the U.S. festivals, and especially at Lolla actually: bro-y boys going around without their shirts and wearing a Camelbak. I think that is a festival phenomenon that should probably just die. I don't mind a boy with his shirt off. In fact, I like it. But the Camelbak...

    Are there any other artists past or present that you've really looked up to throughout your careers in terms of style?
    LP: Definitely. Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Debbie Harry. Gwen Stefani. Shirley Manson. Those are like my ultimate ladies.

    MH: I'd go off Lizzy's as well.

    LP: Julian Casablancas too, and Elvis. David Bowie. A very sort of like
    glam-rock style, I think.

    Can you tell about the evolution of your on-stage outfits since you've started performing together? 
    LP: It used to be form over function more, and now we've learned that it's not worth it in the end. If you can't move, there's no point. Or if you're going to be self-conscious, it reads immediately. And you better be able to dance as much as possible.

    MH: And the more self-confident we've gotten on stage, the more comfortable the outfits. Like I now regularly wear sweatpants on stage, but you wouldn't know they're black sweatpants.

    LP: Drop crotch sweatpants. It's the best thing to wear on stage. I used to wear some really short dresses, but I almost never wear a dress on stage now. It's cause I like to move my legs and pump my feet up and I'm always worried someone is going to get a crotch shot or something. A lot more pants and shorts, which is more my style anyway.

    MH: I used to wear shirts buttoned all the way up to the neck a lot, and there was one night where I was like, 'I can't do this anymore, I feel like a little boy.' So I grew up in that moment.

    LP: Maybe we started more formal and now we actually reflect ourselves in the clothes we wear, as opposed to dressing up as if we're going to a cocktail party or something.

    Alyssa Vingan
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