The Social Issues We're Sure to See in 2013

2012 set the stage for some promising social overhauls to take place in 2013. We’ve outlined the issues that are most likely to get lots of attention in 2013 and, after years of conversation, why this year is the time to act on each of them. We’re not saying that each and every one of these will find a conclusive resolution by 2014, but there’s never been a better time to act than — you guessed it — now.


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    Same-Sex Marriages

    As of this month, nine state governments — New York, Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts, among them — already legalize gay marriage and offer same-sex matrimony alongside heterosexual couples. In Illinois, a same-sex marriage bill is currently stalled, although lawmakers re-introduced the bill this week. We imagine that Illinois will spur several other states to introduce their own, state-specific bills in 2013.

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