MC Does Lollapalooza

To end festival season with a bang, we headed to Chicago (with 300,000 of our closest friends) for the 2013 edition of Lollapalooza.


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    Tegan and Sara

    Twins Tegan and Sara Quin took the time to tell me about how their style has evolved in the age of the Internet:

    "Back in the olden days we had a van and a suitcase, so the options were limited and they weren’t always great. But because we started in the early 2000s, we’ve seen so much social media and so much documentation of every single step that we've taken so I think the combination of having a bus, a wardrobe case, and that awareness of being on camera all the time has created a more stylish band out of us. I think we care more about have a consistent look and having that look reflect the music—if we got up there wearing sweats and trying to sing 'Closer' it would just feel very, very counterintuitive to what we were doing up there. I think that the music really influences the style, but it’s also about finding something you feel good in but that also looks good. "

    Alyssa Vingan
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