7 Must-Haves for a Single Girl’s Toolbox


July 23, 2008 1:38 PM

Measuring Tape

This will save you a lot of grief when buying furniture, hanging art perfectly in the center of the wall, and seeing if you can fit that extra wardrobe into your bedroom.
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Imperative for hanging hooks, art, shelves, etc. Also comes in handy when you are crushing ice for strawberry daiquiris.
Lee Feldstein
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Philips Head Screwdriver

Trust us, you wont be able to put together your IKEA furniture without it.

Electric Drill

With one of these in your hands, you will wield power you never thought possible. Youll feel like you can accomplish anythingwatch out, hanging plants! Youll be cluttering window frames in no time!
Stuart Duncan Smith
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Tighten or loosen anything. Fix your bike. If youre brave, a wrench will also allow you to do some minor plumbing repair.
Achim Prill
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Needle Nose Pliers

(Double as wire cutters) Youll be amazed at how many jewelry malfunctions can be fixed with a pair of these bad boys.
Daniel R. Burch
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Utility knife

This handy tool will save your manicure. It can be used to remove labels, slicing through the annoying plastic packaging that houses your new curling iron, and scraping sticky things off mirrors and windows.