Girls on Tour: Artists Share Their Festival Season Must-Haves

It's festival season, which means some of our favorite ladies in music are about to hit the road for a summer filled with back-to-back shows. Here, some of the top female artists on the scene share their tour essentials.


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    Madeline Follin of Cults

    Where you can catch them this summer: Bonnaroo

    Key track: "Go Outside"

    What she wouldn’t leave home without:

    1. iPhone 5 and iPad. These are necessary for the road so I can chat with friends and family while I’m away and keep myself entertained for those long bus drives.

    2. I absolutely love Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. Sometimes you don’t have time to wash your face when leaving the venue, so these are perfect for the bus and totally rejuvenate you and freshen your face.

    3. The tangle teaser hairbrush is a lifesaver. My hair gets rats nests so easily and this brush gets the tangles out without any pain. It actually feels good to brush the dreadlocks out!

    4. I couldn’t go on stage without my Yves Saint Laurent red lipstick. It never rubs off so I don’t have to worry about having lipstick all over my face or smearing when I’m on stage.

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