Girls on Tour: Artists Share Their Festival Season Must-Haves

It's festival season, which means some of our favorite ladies in music are about to hit the road for a summer filled with back-to-back shows. Here, some of the top female artists on the scene share their tour essentials.


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    Kate Nash

    Where you can catch her this summer: Touring the U.S. in May.

    Key track: "Model Behaviour"

    What she wouldn’t leave home without:

    1. Mac Ruby Woo. I can't live without it. It is the most matte and reliable lipstick in the world! It stays on your lips and is the easiest lipstick to create the perfect shape with in my opinion. It also smells delicious!

    2. Cheetos. They're the king of neon orange snacks. I know that the nuclear color it turns my fingers should disturb me enough to stay away forever, but I can't help it!! We always stock up on long van journeys.

    3. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. The classic green and pink packaging makes me nostalgic for my teens — it was the first mascara I ever bought. Plus it is the perfect mascara for being on the road because the flat square base makes it a great substitute to a bottle opener.

    4. American Apparel mesh bodysuits. I have a million of these! They are the most useful things in my wardrobe. They add warmth or an edge to a look, and they also are great for covering arms when on stage if you're worried about bingo wings.

    5. Black fishnets. I also have a million of these. I wear them every night on stage basically. I love the look — it can really change an outfit and looks cool on stage, even when they rip or tear a little. And it feels good to have something on your legs on stage; even if it's super hot you can wear fishnets. Plus they look HAWT.

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