Girls on Tour: Artists Share Their Festival Season Must-Haves

It's festival season, which means some of our favorite ladies in music are about to hit the road for a summer filled with back-to-back shows. Here, some of the top female artists on the scene share their tour essentials.


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    Maya Jane Coles

    Where you can catch her this summer: Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Creamfields 

    Key track: "Easier to Hide"

    What she wouldn’t leave home without:

    1. Dior Eyeliner, this is always in my bag no matter what.

    2. My favorite sunglasses by Oliver Peoples. Shades are a necessity when touring, especially when you've only had two hours sleep and are having to travel to the next destination.

    3. GHD straighteners — even though my hair is short, it goes wild without my straighteners.

    4. Definitely wouldn't go on tour without my MacBook Pro. I need to be able work on music while I'm on the go. It's not the same as being in the studio but If I didn't have my MacBook with me I'd go crazy!

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