10 Lessons We Learned at Lollapalooza 2012

We traveled to Chicago last weekend for the storied music festival, and three days of music, one terrifying storm, and a good ten miles of walking later, we picked up a little bit of wisdom that we'd like to share. Read on to find out what happened when Marie Claire took on Lollapalooza!


mud fight at lollapalooza
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    4. A little bit of mud never hurt anyone.

    So, by now you've probably heard that Lollapalooza was evacuated for two hours on account of a severe thunderstorm hitting the park on Saturday afternoon—trust us, it was terrifying—but that didn't keep the fans away for long. When the doors opened back up at 5:45 that evening, festival-goers were immediately greeted by the musical performances they'd been promised—and by gigantic puddles of mud. These immediately became dance floors, slip-and-slides, swimming pools... you name it. By the end of the weekend, dirt as an outfit was by far the festival's biggest trend. Haven't you heard? Mud is the new black.

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