She's All That

Artist, DJ, rock star, actress, or all of the above: Meet the next wave of tastemakers bound for fashion stardom.

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    Ana Girardot, 24: Actress

    HOMETOWN: Paris
    STAR SIGN: Leo
    SIGNATURE LOOK: "Navy striped mariner shirts. I have maybe 15 of them. It’s ridiculous."
    ON BEING PHOTOGRAPHED BY THE KAISER: "When you're in front of Karl [Lagerfeld], you feel like no one has ever taken a picture of you. You want him to be happy about the pictures, so it’s stressful."
    LOOK FOR HER IN: Next year’s Paradise Lost starring Benicio Del Toro and Brady Corbet. ("I play a French girl who lives in this hippie community in Colombia when Pablo Escobar is gaining power. Brady plays my husband.")
    FOLLOW: @girardotana (Instagram)

    Dress, price upon request, Valentino; bracelet, $1,990, Chanel.
    On hair: Garnier Fructis Style Volumizing Hi-Rise Lift Root Booster.

    Boe Marion
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