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Artist, DJ, rock star, actress, or all of the above: Meet the next wave of tastemakers bound for fashion stardom.

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    Liza Thorn, 27: Actress/Musician

    HOMETOWN: San Francisco
    STAR SIGN: Sagittarius
    DOWNLOAD NOW: "Call From Paris" by Thorn’s band, Starred.
    ON BEING BUDS WITH HEDI SLIMANE: "I consider him one of my music friends. He’s not like a fashion person. The Saint Laurent thing is just his job. He sent me an invite to
    the show in Paris, and it was like any one of my friends who’s in a band: You go to the show, you hang out."
    STYLE ICONS: "I like little men who make something of themselves completely out of their own imaginations, like Napoleon, L. Ron Hubbard, Charles Manson, and Ariel Pink."
    FOLLOW: @lizathorn ("It’s private just because there are certain conversations I’d rather not have with my mom.")

    Coat, price upon request, Vionnet; cream scarf, $715, Dries Van Noten; tights, $25, American Apparel; boots, $2,250, Chanel.

    Boe Marion
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