Staying in This Weekend? Seven Romantic Comedies to Keep You Company

Fall is here, so why not spend your weekend curled up on the couch in your favorite jammies with a cup of hot cocoa (and maybe some popcorn?), and a great film. And because we know how hard it is to remember a good movie when you need one, here are 7 rom-coms that will ensure it's a day or night well spent.


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    For the Modern Romantic: When Harry Met Sally

    Why we love it: Who doesn't love soul mates? Nora Ephron's deliciously written love story stars Meg Ryan (Sally) and Billy Crystal (Harry) who start out hating one another but embark on quite the friendship. You'll laugh uncontrollably, you'll get a little choked up, and you'll even learn how best to fake an orgasm.

    Columbia Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection
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