What Your Favorite Holiday Says About Your Personality

That pitter-patter you feel in your heart every time you think about dressing a turkey, decking the halls with boughs of holly, or getting down to "Thriller," could tell you more about yourself than you might imagine. "What people love about life is on display when it comes to what holiday they prefer the most," says Kit Yarrow, a consumer research psychologist and professor at Golden Gate University, and author of Gen Buy and the upcoming Decoding the New Consumer Mind. Here, she breaks down what type of person you might be—whether it's New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day that sends you into celebration overdrive. By Jennifer Hirshlag

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    If you love Easter, you may be an optimist

    You’re the one decorating the eggs and organizing the neighborhood hunt for candy. And why not? You’ve waited all season to hippety-hoppety your way into Easter and embrace all the new blooming tulips, baby critters, rays of sunshine, and fresh beginnings that arrive with the onset of spring.

    "Easter is a devout holiday," Yarrow admits. "But looking at it from a consumer perspective, it’s also a holiday of great joy and lightness. You are finally getting released from winter and everything is going through rejuvenation. I don’t find it surprising that I really hear about this holiday from moms. It is the holiday most associated with birth."

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