We Now Live in a World Where There Is a Taco Emoji

Go forth and taco.

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Update, 10/21: With the arrival of iOS 9.1 come 150 new emoji, including the burrito, cheese, champagne bottle, popcorn, AND TACO. Here's what they look like.   

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TACO TACO TACO TACO. Imagine that in emoji. You can do that now. Use responsibly. 

Original story, 8/22: With emojis becoming almost more commonplace than actual words, it only seems right that new icons be added to the current collection. While 😻,  🙌 , and 🙊  are great, a whole new world of characters awaits us—one that includes an avocado and an owl. 

Unicode Consortium, the company responsible for emoji standardization, is now looking at 38 new candidates to be approved for a "mid-2016" release. And. We. Can't. Wait. 

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Below, a look at some of your soon-to-be favorites—as imagined by Emojipedia

The beloved dancing lady finally gets a partner. 

The bride marries her groom.

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Santa Clause meets Mrs. Clause.

The princess finds her prince. 

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A new way to announce a pregnancy arrives. 

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Faces: cowboy, clown, nauseated, ROFL face, drooling, lying, selfie, face palm and shrug. 

Hand gestures: "call me" hand, raised back of hand, left-facing fist, right-facing fist, handshake and crossed fingers.

Food: croissant, avocado, cucumber, bacon, potato, carrot, and clinking glasses.

Sadness: wilted rose and black heart.

Animals: fox, eagle, duck, bat, owl, and shark. 

Vehicles: Scooter, motor scooter and stop sign. 

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