On a whim, two weeks ago, I booked a flight to attend the
annual South By Southwest (SXSW) music festival in Austin, Texas. My first trip
solo, I'm taking a few risks. For one, I don't know my roommates for the week (turns
out we do have two mutual friends on Facebook so we're practically real friends,
right?). Second little baby hiccup - I don't have an official badge to get around
the festival yet. Just a few minor details . . .

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Not your typical outgoing and in-your-face journalist, my
friends have been telling me I'm being a bit ballsy since I'm flying all the
way to Texas and have no idea how the week will transpire. However, I'm
confident that I'll figure it all out and already have some great interviews
planned with up-and-coming musicians showcased at the festival. So be sure to
stay tuned in for those.

From a secret (or not so secret anymore) Metallica
performance to a possibly haunted bathroom at the Driskill Hotel, I'm hoping to
fill you in on the latest happenings at SXSW so you can enjoy them as much as I
do while I'm there. I'll be sure to fill you in on all my musician spottings,
shows I catch and exclusive SXSW interviews. You can follow my SXSW adventures
on Marie Claire's Twitter as well. About to board my flight to Austin so next
time you hear from me I'll hopefully have that whole badge situation figured

Annie Reuter is a freelance writer and music blogger who covers
shows in and around the tristate area. In constant pursuit of the next show to
attend and band to interview, Annie keeps up her own music blog, You Sing, I Write.

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