Fresh Ideas for Eye Makeup

Sharpen your eye makeup skills with these easy tips and tricks.

best budget mascaras from the drugstore
Fresh Ideas for Eye Makeup
The Best Drugstore Mascaras
Lindsay Leff claims that the best mascaras don't require emptying your wallet. Her favorites are in the aisles of your local drugstore.
Sharpen your eye makeup skills with these easy tips and tricks.
What Your Eyebrows Say About You
It's not you, it's your brows.
blue eye makeup
Blue Period: 5 Products for Achieving the Azure Eye
Taking our cue from the Spring 2015 shows, we've been using the below products to reproduce the most inspired looks.
how to do a golden wing
How to Create a Golden Wing with Eyeliner
It's magical, people.
how to get bardot eyes
How to Get Bardot Eyes
The ultimate tutorial for bedroom eyes inspired from the Parisian beauty herself.
reversed wing eyeliner
Makeup How-To: Reverse Wing Eyeliner
Giving Cleopatra a run for her money.
get the divergent eye makeup look
Makeup How-To: Divergent Eyeliner Look
'Divergent' fans this one's for you.
dark green eyeliner how to
Makeup How-To: Dark Green Eyeliner
Like blue eyeliner makes blue eyes bigger, dark green eyeliner works magic for hazel and green eyes.
dark blue eyeliner
Makeup How-To: Dark Blue Eyeliner
Cobalt blues really make brown eyes stand out.
how to wear yellow eyeliner
Makeup How-To: Yellow Eyeliner
Great for green and hazel eye colors.
Makeup How-To: White Eyeliner
A mod look that also helps you look more wide awake.
Makeup How-To: Dark Purple Eyeliner
Deep violets look stunning on light eyes.
five best mascaras for length volume and curl
The Best Mascaras for Beautiful Eyes
With so many "groundbreaking formulas" and "innovative" mascaras, it's hard to pick the right lash-enhancer. Siobhan Bentley recommends...
audrey hepburn
How to Get Audrey Hepburn's Mod Eye Makeup Look
A step-by-step guide to pulling off the mod look.
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