The Best Summer Shoes of 2017, at Every Price Point

"My eyes are up here." —you, in a pair of jeweled pineapple slides

Barefoot is best, but some bejeweled/pompom-ed/ruffly/otherwise embellished sandals are pretty great too. Here, 20 excellent pairs, whether you want to spend $ or $$$.

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1 Ready for These Jellies

Bold move starting this slideshow with jellies, but they are more of a summer classic than "Sorry," and it's kind of funny when an adult wears them. 


2 Ain't Laurent Flat Pumps

These are flat so you can wear them to frolic in the park without aerating the grass, and they're the prettiest pale purple. 


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3 Chanel-y Pearls...

 At a most un-Chanel price. 


4 Poolside Polka-Dot Pleats

Say that five times fast. 


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5 Extra Ventilation

The sheer panels make it like not wearing shoes at all.


6 Pineapples Are Still in My Head

Me: "If I see another pineapple in 2017, so help me..." Also me: *add to cart.*


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7 Even If You Think Festivals Are Lame

A small heel for a bit of lift, pompoms for a bit of fun.


8 You Know Who Made These

Do not leave unattended while you take a dip, that's all we have to say. 


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9 Pretend Loafers

Good for when you want to pretend you're wearing proper shoes to the office. 


10 Ankle-Tie Flats

Actual proper shoes that come with bonus ankle ribbons.


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