How Believing in Yourself Can Save Your Life

It's the moments when we're forced to face our mortality and question everything we believe in that truly shape us.


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    Believe in Yourself

    Whether it's the loss of a loved one or an unwelcome diagnosis, obstacles such as these force us to appreciate all that we have, and gain a deeper understanding of our minds and bodies. For some people, the road to physical and mental recovery can be a winding and complicated path.

    Fortunately, the transformative power of overcoming a difficult situation or life-threatening illness often yields a positive outcome. For these young women profiled, their diseases only empowered them to never give up. By tackling their illnesses head on and refusing to succumb to their pain, they learned to beat the odds and appreciated what they have, rather than focusing on what they don't, and most of all, they learned to trust in themselves. For Isabella, Catherine, Ashley, Virginia, and Jessie, relying on their gut instincts saved their lives, and by bravely sharing their personal stories, they hope to inspire others to do the same.

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