This Brilliant Spoon Hack Will Help You Master a Cut Crease in Seconds

It's SO easy. 

Struggling to achieve a cut crease (that ultra-defined distinction between your lid and brow bone)? Turns out, all you need is a spoon to help you master the look.

Beauty vlogger Brittney Foley nailed the Instagram-worthy look in a recent tutorial. The trick? After applying neutral shadow to just your eyelids, place a kitchen spoon (or one of the plastic takeout freebies you've been storing) over your closed eyelid to cup your eye. The spoon's curve should line up with where you want your cut crease to be. Then, swipe a slightly darker shadow along the edge of the spoon and across your brow bone, creating the covetable cut crease line.

Check out the full two-step wonder above. Shadow problems, solved.

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