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How Amy Schumer Fixed Her Under-Eye Bags in Just 10 Minutes

Naturally, she fixed her dog's dark circles, too.

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Remember that time your eyes reached peak puffiness on an important (read: photo-filled) day? Welp, Amy Schumer can officially relate. During her beauty prep for the 72nd Annual Tony Awards last night, the comedian reached for a pair of cult-favorite Skyn Iceland eye gels to de-puff and soothe her skin before walking the red carpet.

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In a photo posted to her Instagram last night, Schumer wrote, "Tony skin prep on lock @skyniceland." The pic also featured her dog straight chilling with a matching (albeit, mini) pair of eye masks (waiting on you, PETA).

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According to her makeup artist Andréa Tiller, the eye patches were a crucial step in Schumer's makeup routine for the evening, which centered around dewy skin and rosy cheeks. "I love using Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Gels to make sure under the eyes are depuffed and tight," Tiller told E! News. "This will give your face a more awake and fresh look, which sets the stage for the rest of the makeup."

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At $30 for a pack of eight gels, the eye masks aren't exactly the most budget-friendly if you're looking for a quick de-puff, but thanks to powerful ingredients like hydrolyzed extensin (which locks in moisture and temporarily reduces fine lines) and ginkgo biloba leaf extract (which promotes blood flow to minimize puffiness), skin is left plumper, softer, and more hydrated after a quick, 10-minute application. Of course, there's also the plebeian alternative: Gently rub a refrigerated spoon under your eyes to mimic the same cooling effect for zero dollars.

Regardless, the quick trick seemed to well for Schumer—the comedian walked the red carpet with the dewiest skin and wide-awake eyes. We'll be waiting on the before-and-after pics of her dog, though.

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