Princess Eugenie's Wedding Makeup and Hair: Everything You Need to Know

A beauty look fit for a princess—which, you know, makes sense.

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UPDATE: 10/12/18:

The second royal wedding of 2018 has arrived, and Princess Eugenie is officially married to now-husband Jack Brooksbank. Which means the many months of anticipation and guessing over Eugenie's wedding-day makeup and bridal hairstyle are finally over, and we can now sit back and stare at the photos and videos until the end of time.

If you didn't wake up at 4 a.m. to watch the wedding like we did, let me catch you up on the beauty news you most definitely need to know, if you want to be in the loop.

The Hair

Princess Eugenie wore a truly gorgeous chignon with loose, face-framing layers tucked behind her ears, along with the emerald Greville tiara that was created in 1921 and came from the Queen's vault.

The look wasn't too different from Meghan Markle's bridal hairstyle she wore for her own wedding back in May—the most notable similarity being her matching center part and swooping side layers. Though, of course, there's only so much you can do with your hair when you're working with a tiara. Unlike Meghan and Kate Middleton, though, Princess Eugenie didn't wear a veil, which is likely because she wanted to show off the scars on her back from her previous scoliosis surgeries as a child.

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The Makeup

Usually, Princess Eugenie's go-to makeup look is thickly lined eyes, some mascara, maybe a bit of lipstick and concealer, and that's it. But, for her wedding day, the 28-year-old clearly went with a professional makeup artist, who softened up her usual look by skipping the black eyeliner in favor of long, thick eyelashes, bronze eyeshadow, and bold, filled-in brows.

Eugenie's skin was still left natural-looking and subtle, with just a light layer of foundation and bronzer, and—the ultimate requirement in a romantic beauty look—super flushed cheeks. Though the makeup artist has yet to be named, I'm sure we'll find out soon exactly which products were used to create this look.

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Just when you thought the royal wedding fever of 2018 had died down, the world started preparing for its second major wedding of the year: Princess Eugenie’s marriage to fiancé Jack Brooksbank. The couple is set to tie the knot on October 12—just a few week away—and, naturally, that means every beauty editor in the world is already thinking about what Princess Eugenie’s wedding makeup will look like, and who will actually do it.

In case you’ve forgotten, Kate Middleton actually did her own makeup for her wedding in 2011, opting for rose-pink lipstick, heavily lined eyes, and flushed cheeks. Imagine having to meticulously apply your makeup only to have it scrutinized by every single royal-obsessed human in the planet for centuries to come? Nope, no thank you.

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KMidd on her wedding day.

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And if that sounds like a nightmare to you, you’re not alone—despite speculation, Meghan Markle ended up using a makeup artist for her wedding day. In the months leading up to her wedding, everyone assumed that Meghan would either do her own makeup, or, as was reported, have two friends help her. Of course, we now know that Meghan entrusted her glowy, natural wedding look to celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin, so perhaps Princess Eugenie will follow suit for her own big day.

Though Meghan and Eugenie are, obviously, different people, Eugenie does adhere to a similar beauty style—namely, a very low-key makeup look. As seen in virtually every photo of Eugenie, the princess usually opts for lined eyes, soft and neutral skin, and a bit of mascara.

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The princess with a simple, fresh-faced

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And, according to an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, not only does Eugenie routinely do her own makeup for events, but often applies it on the go: “I do my makeup in the car,” she told them. “I’m really good at doing it on the move.” She also noted that her favorite products are from Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown, specifically “Charlotte’s mascara and Bobbi Brown bronzer; they are geniuses.”

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Eugenie swears by Bobbi Brown bronzer and Charlotte Tilbury mascara.

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It’s safe to assume Eugenie will spend significantly more time on her makeup for her own wedding, but it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not she’ll go for something bolder, or stick to her subtle, everyday makeup. My bets are on the latter, especially since I'm sure it's nice to just feel like yourself in such a stressful situation (you know, the one in which the whole world is picking apart your whole look).

Bookmark this tab for later, and check back here for the official details on Princess Eugenie's wedding look on October 12.

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