Princess Eugenie's Wedding Makeup Is Flushed and Romantic

You need to see these photos.

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The second royal wedding of the year is officially here, and the entire world is watching as Princess Eugenie, the Queen’s granddaughter, finally marries fiancé Jack Brooksbank. And already, the 28-year-old has shown that she’s not a regular princess—she’s a cool princess—by opting for a soft, undone bun with face-framing layers paired with an ultra-flushed, rosy makeup look. And the photos are insanely gorgeous.

The Look

Considering the bride has already made some majorly bold decisions in the last week (like dyeing her hair bright red just yesterday—although the color seems to have been toned down for today’s wedding), there was quite the speculation as to whether or not Eugenie would try for a bold makeup look, or keep it simple.

But, as we now see, the princess choose a natural, yet defined look for her wedding, with bold brows, flushed cheeks, a rose-pink, glossy lipstick, bronze eyeshadow, and ultra-long top and bottom lashes. Usually, Eugenie opts for a darker eye look, rimming her lash lines in black liner while keeping the rest of her skin bare and neutral. But today, she skipped the harsh lines, and instead loaded up on the mascara.

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Though Eugenie has previously noted that her favorite mascara is from Charlotte Tilbury, and her go-to bronzer is Bobbi Brown, there’s no word yet on the makeup that was used on her today, or the makeup artist responsible for the flushed, romantic look. But we’ll update you with more details as soon we find out.

In the meantime, check out these gorgeous photos of her makeup, below, and see how it compares to the makeup worn by Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton at their own weddings.

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Headpiece, Hair, Hair accessory, Face, Forehead, Eyebrow, Fashion accessory, Clothing, Hairstyle, Tiara,

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And now, for comparison's sake, check out Meghan's soft, subtle makeup (created by makeup artist Daniel Martin) and Kate Middleton's makeup (which, surprise, she actually did herself). 

First up, Meghan:

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And now for Kate's:

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Impressive, right?

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