Bridal Makeup: The Pros & Cons of Hiring a Professional

It's wedding season-o-rama and while there seems to be little question in a bride's mind regarding hiring a professional to do her hair, the same certainty doesn't apply to hiring a professional makeup artist. Here are some pros and cons for doing your own makeup versus hiring a pro. (PS: There isn't a wrong choice.)

Hiring a makeup artist: PROS

  • For once your foundation will 100% match your skin tone
  • They have the skillz for things like false eyelashes and airbrush makeup
  • You'll feel like a celebrity on your wedding day

    Hiring a makeup artist: CONS

    • If she goes crazy with the eye makeup you'll look like a drag queen in pictures
    • It costs money
    • She might insist that ultra-shimmery face highlighter looks great in pictures (it doesn't)

      Doing your own makeup: PROS

      • Your husband-to-be will recognize you when you walk down the aisle
      • You'll save money
      • You can choose to be trendy or classic without having to explain it to someone else

        Doing your own makeup: CONS

        • Your version of the "natural look" might make you look washed out in pictures
        • For some reason brides tend to pile on matte powder, which is very aging
        • You won't know any fancy tricks like subtle eye contouring and blending different shades of blush
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