Video: Get a Perfect Ponytail

Follow these steps to create two sexy ponytail looks.

Follow these steps to create two sexy ponytail looks:

Low Ponytail:

1. Towel dry hair, apply volumizer. This will increase your hair's body so it won't look limp.

2. Blow dry hair. For best results, blody dry hair in a downward motion with a paddle brush.

3. Part hair to one side. To find the best placement for your part, use your eyebrow. Find the line about three quarters of the length of your brow.

4. Brush your hair back, tie with elastic.

5. Wrap hair around elastic.Take a quarter inch thick piece of your hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to hide it.

6. Finish with hairspray. Sprits a little hairspray on your fingers and pat down any flyaways. For a glossy look, choose a gloss spray. Make sure you hold it far enough away from your head when spraying. The application will be more even.

High Ponytail"

1. Towel dry hair, apply volumizer.

2. Blowdry hair with paddle brush.

3. Tease hair at crown.

4. Smooth hair from front into back. Pull your hair back into the teased section and secure with elastic. This will give you a little bump in the back.

5. Use hairspray.

6. Headband or barrettes. Experiment with headbands or barrettes to keep the hair in front smooth.

Check out Marie Claire's how-to video for visual instructions!

Get the Look: Perfect Ponytails

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