Refresh Your Beauty Routine

The ultimate refresh-your-routine guide from MC's beauty editors.

Jeff Westbrooks
TOSS Full-coverage foundation — a no-go in the sun.

TRY GentleWaves LED Light Facial — approximately $1000 for eight to 10 sessions, — to reduce the appearance of fine lines, brighten skin tone, fade sunspots, and improve overall texture.

BUY Armani Radiant Pigments ($35) to highlight your best features instead of hiding your imperfections behind a mask of makeup.

Jeff Westbrooks

TOSS Boring brown and taupe eye shadows (well, at least stash them away till fall).

TRY Rockin' splashy brights — fashion's current fixation — on your eyes, especially if you're sporting neutrals in your wardrobe. But, please, no clashing cheeks or lips!

BUY The dual-ended Max Factor Vivid Impact Eye Shadow in Emerald Coast ($5.50), created by backstage makeup maestro Pat McGrath.

Jeff Westbrooks

TOSS Stale bottles of perfume that have changed color or scent.

TRY Storing wintry scents in a dark, cool basement for the season.

BUY Summery splashes that look as fresh as they smell, like CK One Summer Limited Edition ($42), Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Summer ($60), or Missoni Acqua Refillable Spray ($90).

Jeff Westbrooks

TOSS Broken combs and brushes that do more harm than good.

TRY Kérastase Resistance Double Reconstruction Signature Ritual ($75 in salons) to mend your battered strands.

BUY Goody Mosaic So Smooth 2-in-1 Rake Comb (here, $6), a natural boar-bristle brush-and-comb combo that gently untangles knots, controls static, and smooths ponytails.

Jeff Westbrooks

TOSS Your tanning-bed habit — for good.

TRY A free skin-cancer screening from Olay and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Go to to find a derm.

BUY Prescriptives Good in Bed Night Moisturizer (here, $65), with shea butter for moisturizing and a tiny dose of self-tanner for a natural-looking glow.

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