Get Great Lashes

Todd Huffman

Bat them, fatten them, even fake them. High-drama lashes are in sight.

STEP ONE: Pick a mascara that complements your coloring and lash length. Black works on everyone, but redheads and the very fair skinned may fare better with brown-black, says Brigitte Reiss-Anderson, celeb makeup artist. A lengthening formula is flattering to most (those blessed with brow skimmers — well, you don't have to bother, do you?).

MC RECOMMENDS: IsaDora Mascara

Todd Huffman

STEP TWO: Heat up an eyelash curler with a blow dryer, then (carefully!) crimp your lashes twice: once in the middle, once near the tips. See, heat works on all your hair.

MC RECOMMENDS: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Todd Huffman

STEP THREE: Pick up a "flare" — a tiny clump of false lashes — with a pair of tweezers, dip it in lash glue, and place it at the top outer corner of one eye. Repeat on the other eye.

MC RECOMMENDS: Make Up Forever Individual Lashes

Todd Huffman

STEP FOUR: Add volume by dipping a shadow brush in loose translucent powder, closing one eye at a time, and dusting the tops of your lashes. Mascara applied over powder will last longer and also help blend the flares in with your natural lashes, says Reiss-Anderson.

STEP FIVE: Mascara success will benefit from a clean start: Before applying, wipe the wand on a tissue to remove excess product and prevent clumping, then coat just the upper lashes. Start at the root and wiggle the brush to your ends.

STEP SIX: You need a comb-out, girl: Separate lashes with a tiny plastic lash comb, then apply a second coat.

"Look down into a mirror when applying mascara so you can place the wand right at the base of your lashes without poking yourself in the eye." —BRIGITTE REISS-ANDERSON, CELEBRITY MAKEUP ARTIST

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