"Glitter Boobs" Are Music Festival Season's Sparkly New Alternative to Wearing a Shirt

Who needs clothing when you have glitter?

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When you're surrounded by thousands of sweaty humans while partying it up in the middle of the desert, you want to be able to wear as little clothing as possible—which might just explain the hot new "fashion" trend sweeping the music festival circuit this year.

According to Allure, glitter boobs were Coachella 2017's most popular new alternative to wearing a top, and the results are equal parts super sparkly and very NSFW.

If you're interested in trying glitter boobs for yourself, there's no "right" way to do it: All that's really required is that you smother your chest in glitter and rhinestones until you feel like a magical mermaid. You can really make it as simple or intricate as you want it to be—either way, you're guaranteed to stand out in a crowd.

This look is certainly not for the timid, but if you can rock it, get on with your bad self. And maybe consider tackling the glitter *butt* trend too, while you're at it.

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