Get Bliss's Elemis Facial ... at the Spa or at Home

Our beauty director tried out the new Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial ... and has tips to re-create it on a budget.

Bliss spa
(Image credit: Bliss Spa)

To preview the launch of Elemis products and treatments in Bliss Spas around the country in August, I recently snuck into the spa's SoHo location in New York City for the new Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial. A heavenly, massage-packed facial with multiple masks to slough away dead skin and fade acne scars and lines (my favorite is the Papaya Enzyme Peel — you can feel it working!), the one-hour treatment left my face soft and scrubbed clean. What's more, my glued-to-my-BlackBerry fingers were also at ease, thanks to the extensive arm-and-hand-rub from skilled therapist Kiee.

Just make sure to make time for a full shampoo and shower afterward — the aromatic scalp massage at the end is irresistible, but it doesn't exactly leave you dinner date-ready, as I quickly found out.

For appointments, go to Bliss's official site.

Marie Claire Exclusive: The best news for those who can't get to the spa (or just want to reproduce the effects at home), Elemis is offering 20 percent off the Tri-Enzyme and Exotics products at Just enter promo code MARIECLAIRE when checking out.