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What We're Reading: A Sanity-Saver and a Beauty Bible

Things are getting servicey in the Marie Claire books department this week: We've been poring over two seriously helpful texts for those who regularly feel trampled on — or just look like they do.

Save the Assistants: A Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Workplace

Author: Lilit Marcus, the editor of one of our favorite ladyblogs, TheGloss.com. She is the cofounder of SavetheAssistants.com, where beleaguered support staffers everywhere come to commiserate.

Genre: Vindicating — and inspirational — career self-help

What Happens: Marcus, a former assistant herself (see, there's hope!), breaks down the ins and outs of being an assistant, providing actionable ways to make your daily life easier and plenty of "Hang in there, baby" encouragement. (A highlight: "The Bossary - A Glossary of Bad Bosses," which dissects everyone from the Non-Spouse, who's married to his job and by default is also married to you, to the Oversharer, who has no limits when it comes to discussing his personal life.) It's at times laugh-out-loud funny and at times bang-your-head-on-your-desk relatable. I mean, to some people. Not me, of course.

When to Read It: Anytime, if you happen to be someone's assistant, know someone's assistant, or have an assistant.

Details: Hyperion, August 31, $14.99

Best in Beauty: An Ultimate Guide to Makeup and Skin Care Techniques, Tools, and Products

Author: Riku Campo, a Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist.

Genre: Über-extensive beauty bible

What Happens: Campo tells you pretty much everything there is to know about skin care and makeup, from how to figure out your skin type to how to apply makeup like Aphrodite (really!). Although a few of the photos skew a tad bit overdone, the advice is solid, thorough, and easy to digest. Makeup junkies will gobble it up, and novices will learn all they need to know to get glam.

When to Read It: Before a big event when you need a new look, or when you're feeling like overhauling your skin-care routine.

Details: Simon & Schuster Adult, August 31, $24.99

And later... Check back later this week for our Q&A with Kristen McGuiness, author of the new memoir 51/50: The Magical Adventures of a Single Life.

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