Au Naturel: Make Up For Ever's First Unretouched Ad!

The cosmetic company exposes the truth with its first ad campaign without digital retouching or enhancements.

makeup forever ad cmapaign
(Image credit: Courtesy of Make Up Forever)

Goodbye airbrushing, hello reality!

On the heels of an industry-wide epidemic of over-retouching (cue the missing limbs and unrealistically thin figures), professional-turned-consumer cosmetic brand, Make Up For Ever, has unveiled a new spring ad campaign devoid of any Photoshop tricks. That means, what you see is what you get, and to prove it, the images have been certified by a notary public, so there's no question that they're legit.

The campaign — designed to emphasize that women can look their best without the use of digital enhancements — promotes the line's new HD Invisible Coverage Foundation to achieve a flawless appearance. OK, so they've obviously chosen young, beautiful, and impeccably-complected models, but if we can look half as good as they do, we're definitely on board!

Check out the Make Up For Ever site, and watch the behind-the-scenes videos for more.

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