Exactly How to Master the Perfect All-Over Glow

You'll look like you just went for a run. And magically did not sweat.

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The of-the-moment makeup trend is a tricky thing: Done right, you achieve ethereal status à la J.Lo; done wrong, you run the risk of looking radioactive. There's a fine (shimmery) line. Here, celebrity makeup artist Mirna Jose breaks down exactly how to have everyone complimenting your dewy glow.

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1 Prep with a moisturizer
Jeff Allen

No-brainer alert: Moisture is this look's best friend. Lotion sets a base by giving makeup something to hold on to.

2 Highlight your features
Jeff Allen

Choose a highlighter shade that matches your skin tone. Using your fingertips (your fingers warm up the product so it goes on more easily), blend a dime-sized drop of L'Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator all over your face. "Skip the forehead if your skin is very dark, since it can look too shiny there," Jose warns.

3 Create an even canvas
Jeff Allen

With a foundation brush, apply a liquid foundation starting at the center of your face and blending outward. It'll mix with the illuminator to give your skin a more natural, lit-from-within effect.

4 Contour (just a little)
Jeff Allen

Contouring is a must—it gives the highlights some contrast and keeps your skin from looking ashy or unnaturally glowy. Grab powder foundation or (shimmer-free) blush that's one or two shades darker than your skin. Steer clear of anything with a reddish cast, which will bring out the red in your face, Jose says, and instead use something with a grayish tinge, so it looks more like a shadow.

Starting at mid-ear, use a stiff angled blush brush to swipe the product down under the cheekbone towards the chin, stopping about an inch from your mouth. Add a bit to the sides of your temples.

5 Intensify
Jeff Allen

With a fluffy blush brush, swirl together all four shades of L'Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Powder. Once again, adjust for a shade slightly darker than your skin.

6 Hit the high spots
Jeff Allen

Dust the powder above the contour line on the highest part of the cheekbones—but do so without smiling. "If you apply the product while smiling, you're going against the direction of the hairs on your face, so when you stop smiling, it will look blotchy," Jose says. (In other words—smile if you want it to look like you don't know what you're doing.) After, softly blend with a brush or sponge to blur any harsh lines. Finish with a touch of blush on the apples of the cheeks.

7 Yasss queen
Jeff Allen

Envy-inducing complexion—achieved.

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