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7 Budge-Proof Beauty Products Tested by Real Women with Sweaty Jobs

Makeup that slays *all* day.

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Photo: Courtesy of Sunny Walters; Design: Amy Armani

Whether your day job entails spinning turntables at a fancy fashion week party or the pedals on a stationary bike, a real life girl boss needs her makeup to work as hard as she does. We tasked seven women with drastically different—but equally demanding—careers to put long-wear products to the ultimate test. Here, the budge-proof formulas that came out on top:

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1 Lauren Abedini (a.k.a. Kittens), DJ
Photo: Courtesy of Lauren Abedini; design: Amy Armani

Job Description: While her stage name suggests Abedini is soft and cuddly, her unique and aggressive style in the DJ booth is anything but—making her a favorite among music legends. This summer, she's putting together a Girl DJ Workshop and spinning sets all across the globe, hitting far-flung locales like Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bali before returning to L.A. (her home base).

Product: Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Mascara in Black, $4.19; walgreens.com

Torture Test: "I've been wearing this mascara everyday!" says Abedini, who toted the traffic cone-orange tube with her to Palm Springs, where she turned up the tracks for a pool party in temperatures that surpassed 90°F.

The Results: "I'm an ex-makeup artist so I know how to apply products for maximum wear, but if it's really hot in the club sometimes things slip. My natural lashes are also really long, which can be a blessing and a curse because most mascaras end up leaving smudges. But this waterproof mascara really held up and I didn't have to worry about looking like I have a black eye or little flakes sprinkled all over my face. Plus, the giant brush and formula made it super easy to apply and gave me nice plush lashes."

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2 Brika, singer

Job Description: Brika describes herself as a "singer, songwriter, and amateur ninja" in her Instagram bio, but it's her smooth and soulful voice (not her ninja prowess) that garnered her over 4.5 million hits on Spotify. Her latest single, "Don't Want Your Love," dropped in April.

Product: Too Faced Love Flush Blush in How Deep Is Your Love, $30; ulta.com

Torture Test: While Brika tends to reach for "the basics"—moisturizer, concealer, mascara, and occasionally eyeliner or lipstick—she added this bright powder blush to her beauty routine before hitting the recording studio for a rigorous, seven-hour singing sesh.

The Results: No streaks or splotches here: "It applied very evenly," she says. The brand promises a fade-proof flush that lasts up to 16 hours, but Brika reports the peachy-pink pigment didn't budge for "about five."

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3 Sunny Walters, Spin Instructor and Choreographer

Job Description: When she's not putting the pedal to the metal on a canary-yellow stationary bike while sporting her signature red lip, Walters is breaking a sweat on the big screen and behind the scenes as an assistant choreographer on a summer tour featuring two of the most iconic boy bands of all time. (In short, she's got a dream gig and the moves to back it up...because some girls have all the luck.) And her wardrobe isn't just stocked with spin-friendly spandex—she shows off plenty of personal style (and rock-hard abs) on her fashion-inspired Instagram account.

Product: Rimmel London Provocalips in Play With Fire, $7.29; walgreens.com

Torture Test: If you've ever taken Walter's class, you know you're going to leave drenched—and in awe of her perfectly lipstick-stained smile. She put this liquid lipstick through not just one, but two grueling 45-minute spin sessions.

The Results: "The color was really rich and bright," she says. "My lipstick stayed on through both classes—so much so that I actually had a difficult time getting it off once I was ready to wash my face! It's good stuff."

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4 Leiomy Maldonado, Dancer

Job Description: Fans don't call her the "Wonder Woman of Vogue" for nothing. Maldonado has lit up the dance floor with her unique and electrifying moves since the age of 16 as part of New York City's underground ballroom scene. Her signature hair flips and gravity-defying death drops in sky-high stilettos are what earned her the nickname and caught the attention of top recording artists.

Product: Kat Von D Tattoo Brow in Medium Brown, $19; sephora.com

Torture Test: Maldonado made this felt-tip pen werk. Her brows had to hold up at her day job and stay intact through dance class, where she breaks a serious sweat perfecting her mind-blowing flips, dips, and spins.

The Results: "The Tattoo Brow filled in my eyebrows pretty fast and looked so natural," she says. "It lasted all day without smudging—even after class."

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5 Katharine K. Zarrella, Fashion Editor

Job Description: As the founder and editor-in-chief of Fashion Unfiltered, Zarrella zig-zags between New York, London, Milan, and Paris to get a first look at the latest designer collections. A compulsive hat collector, it's hard (if not impossible) to miss her in the front row.

Product: Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Black, $4.49; walgreens.com

Torture Test: From fighting jetlag at crack-of-dawn show times to champagne-fueled after-parties to late night deadlines, Zarrella swapped sunglasses (her preferred form of "eye makeup") for this inky eyeliner during Paris fashion week.

The Results: "News never stops during PFW—and neither did this liner," she says. "After smudging it along my lashes, it stayed put and made my eyes look so sultry you almost couldn't notice the bags underneath them!"

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6 Kat Odell, Food Writer

Job Description: Odell says her "office" is "divided between my New York apartment and every restaurant in existence." After polishing off her first book dubbed Day Drinking, the writer is busy cooking up plant-based concoctions for her next wellness-oriented tome called Unicorn Food (filled with healthy, Instagram-friendly recipes like Lisa Frank Mountain Cake and Neon Beet Hummus).

Product: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color in Tipsy Gypsy, $7.02, and Top Coat, $7.46; walmart.com

Torture Test: In addition to the daily typing grind, Odell hit the kitchen to whip up a few unicorn-inspired recipes still in development.

The Results: "Unless I have a gel manicure, my nail polish almost always chips when it comes to cooking and typing," says Odell. "I'm excited to have discovered a drugstore brand that's as good as the $100 gel manicures I've been getting for so long." The hot pink hue didn't disappoint either: "Sally Hansen's magenta was just as it looked in the bottle and only needed two coats." Five days after her DIY paint job, Odell reported her mani was still going strong.

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7 Valerie Broussard, singer and songwriter

Job Description: Broussard is working on her debut album, but she's already made a splash with her hit single, "A Little Wicked." And her cover of the "King of Pain" serves as the score for a major movie trailer. Not a bad way to start.

Product: Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer in 090 Ivoire, $31; lancome-usa.com

Torture Test: Broussard chose a "particularly hectic day" in sunny L.A. that didn't leave any time to spare for makeup touch-ups. After serving as a tour guide for out-of-town guests, Broussard hit the studio for a vocal session, followed by a late night dinner and drinks.

The Results: "Long days in the studio often mean I'll need to reapply my makeup before going out in the evening, especially before performing," says Broussard. "This concealer really surprised me because I've always had problems with my dark circles peeking through, but it continued to look fresh all day and lasted over ten hours without a single touch-up." And a little goes a long way: "You don't really need much to give you full coverage," she adds.

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