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#BigLipstickEnergy: The 3 Lip Gift Sets I'm Obsessed With Right Now

"What lip is that?" A professional lipstick critic reveals all.

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I'm a serial lipstick dater. So many lip products slide onto my desk. Some I double-tap and have all the heart eyes for. Others I ghost and leave on seen. This is #BigLipstickEnergy, an honest breakdown of how I feel about the latest lip launches. Read on for the three lipstick flings I'm keeping in rotation for now. Next week, I'll have a new roster.

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This Party Girl Gift Set
Studio 54 All Access Full Size Powermatte Lip Pigment Set
Nars nordstrom.com


Nars knows how to do matte lipsticks justice. Case in point: these non-drying, vividly-pigmented shades that'll make you look like a glamour queen. The line is Studio 54–themed, which means these call for a night of non-stop dancing. They won't fade or feather throughout the night, and, even better, the set comes with a sequin pouch that can double as a clutch. 


Give me three distinct shades that work for any mood and I'm a happy woman. A mauve berry, tawny neutral, and orangey red make up this trio. The texture settles into my lips in seconds and doesn't result in a dry, cracky mess by EOD, so it certainly exceeds that test. The other day, I wore the neutral "Fly Robin Fly" shade and switched to the red "FunkyTown" color when 7 p.m. hit and I was in major need of a cocktail. 

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This Neutral Gift Set
Undressed Lip Set
Anastasia Beverly Hills nordstrom.com


Like basic tees, you can never own too many neutral lipsticks. These au natural hues are all different, though, I swear. As the brand notes, there's a matte butterscotch, soft orange, mauve brown, light pink rose, and iridescent pink peach gloss in the set. Go ahead and gift yourself a wardrobe of neutrals to mix and match as you please. Also, it's important to note that this diverse range is truly inclusive for all skin tones. 


Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick is one of the first lip products I ever owned: Sarafine, a shade that has since retired, was my go-to red lipstick in high school. In short, I've been an acolyte for many years and have a soft spot for the line. How I've been wearing them lately: layering these shades on top of each other to create an ombré effect. (There is a such thing as playing dress-up with lipsticks!) And when I'm down for a bit of shine, I swipe the Summer Vibes Lip Gloss on top to make it pop. 

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This Lip Balm Gift Set
Burt's Bees Holiday Moisturizing Lip Balm
Burt's Bees target.com


Anyone with eyes that can see and lips that can talk have owned a couple of Burt's Bees lip balms in their day. The cult classic formula is filled with hydrating agents that nourish your lips in every season. But Burt's Bees needs no explaining. What you need are these festive flavors: ginger spice, mint cocoa, peppermint, and vanilla bean to get you in the holiday spirit. 


If these delicious smelling scents don't make you want to curl up on your couch and watch Christmas movie marathons, I'm not sure what will. These are just way too cute to pass up. Although the choice is yours, my favorites are ginger spice and vanilla bean. These gems only drop once a year, so you better get a taste of them while you can! 

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