Get Luscious Lips

Kathryn Wirsing

I want my lips to appear fuller. What makeup should I use?

Making thin lips look fuller is one of the easiest beauty problems to solve -- the right makeup can work wonders on your pout. First step: Moisturize your lips. Use Vaseline or lip balm, and let it sink in for a few minutes. Then choose a slightly iridescent shade of lip color (matte colors make thin lips look thinner, as do very dark colors) and apply it to your lips with a lip brush. Next, take a lip pencil in the exact shade of the lip color and carefully line lips on the outside edge of your lip line (not outside your lips -- that always looks ridiculous). Use your finger or a Q-tip to soften the line. A final touch: A dab of clear or tinted gloss in the center of your bottom lip finishes the look.

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