8 Celebrity Halloween Makeup Ideas from a Beauty Pro

Let's face it sometimes celebrities' antics can be downright scary (Amanda Bynes freak-outs, anyone?). "When you feel such an affinity for a celebrity that you actually want to be them for a night, you'll use every tool, makeup, and technique possi
katy perry
Eamonn J McCabe/Capitol Records
Let's face it — sometimes celebrities' antics can be downright scary (Amanda Bynes freak-outs, anyone?). But when Halloween rolls around, certain celebs seem tailor-made for a costume, whether they're a shady character or not. The only hitch? You've got to get the makeup right. "When you feel such an affinity for a celebrity that you actually want to be them for a night, you'll use every tool, makeup, and technique possible — and POOF!" says celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow. Here's how.
katy perry
Eamonn J McCabe/Capitol Records
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Katy Perry
The California Gurl's look is all about an exaggerated, candy-coated version of old Hollywood glamour. Use bright pink shadow on the eyelid, with light brown shadow in the crease. Then grab your trusty liquid liner — start the line thinly at the inner corner, then fatten it up as you go out and make a dramatic point toward the end of the eyebrow. Add MAC vanilla shadow or concealer on the browbone to highlight it. Then fill in the brows with a brown eyebrow pencil in a classic arched shape. Use shimmer on your cheek bones and do a bold cherry lip. Or, you know, cherry Chapstick.
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This girl clearly has a blast with her Ziggy Stardust-meets-grunge getups and makeup. To get her look, Turnbow says you should start at the art supply store — pick up some gold or silver leaf. It's a thin sheet of metal that you can safely transfer onto your skin. Then, back in your makeup bag, reach for black eyeliner, and smudge it on to achieve a "slept-in" look. Bronze your skin, and apply a plum-tinted stain on your lips. Then apply that leaf — go for stripes, a star, or even just an abstract shape over one eye. Or, if you're not so sure about sticking metal on your face, try Illamasqua pure pigments from Sephora and draw the shapes on. Now you'll easily wake up feeling like P. Diddy.
kim kardashian
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Kim Kardashian
The keys to this look are bold brows and a warm, chocolatey, smokey eye. First, line the inner rim of the eye with a black liner. Then, smoke it out with a chocolate brown shadow. Apply a strip of false lashes to the top, and use mascara on the bottom lashes. Next, Turnbow says: "Fill in the brow into that full, wide, almost Egyptian shape. It goes almost to the bridge of the nose and extends far out to the side." Turnbow recommends Benefit's eyebrow pencil. Use a peachy blush and a nude, matte lipstick like the new collection from Nars. "You might also want to accentuate the cleavage with bronzer," Turnbow says. We'll say.
lady gaga
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Lady Gaga
It's all in the lips — the nouveau-geisha lips, that is. Turnbow recommends starting with a concealer you'd normally use on your skin and coating the entire lip. Cover it with powder. Next, with lips closed, use a black eyeliner pencil to draw on the heart shape in the middle of your top lip and the rounded shape on your bottom lip. Make sure the ends meet! Then, fill in the outline with the eyeliner pencil. Top it with a small dab of a waxy lip balm like Burt's Bees. Finally, dab powder on top to set the look. "Your lips should be as dry as possible so you don't get any bleeding or slippage, and so that clean, dry, sharp line will last longer," Turnbow says. Keep your face simple — throw on a giant, futuristic pair of sunglasses, and you're good to go!
dita von teese
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Dita Von Teese
Dita always stands out for her classic, porcelain skin. To achieve it, go for full-coverage matte foundation and a pinup-esque pink on the cheeks, such as Mata Hari from Nars. On the eyes, do a wash of pale blue up to the brow bone. Then use generous waterproof mascara on the top lashes and just a small amount on the bottom lashes. Fill in the brow to a classic old-Hollywood shape, and add a mole on top of the cheek bone with liquid liner so it lasts and doesn't smear. On the lips, use an intense matte ruby red to contrast with the porcelain skin. Finally, Turnbow says, "Powder the crap out of your face with a porcelain loose powder to make it look really vintage."
taylor swift
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Taylor Swift
Much like the country crooner's music, Taylor's look is soft and pretty. Use a lilac eyeshadow, and then line the top lid with liquid liner with a soft wing — her trademark. Smudge a bit of brown liner on the bottom lash line as well. Use a pretty pink blush on the apple of your cheek and apply bronzer to the cheekbone. On your lips, line with a pink pencil first and then top with lip gloss. "Just using lip gloss by itself doesn't pop as much as if you layer it with a matching lip pencil," Turnbow says. Don't forget to steer clear of dudes dressed like Kanye, though.
christina aguilera
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Christina Aguilera
To achieve the Burlesque star's look, think Marilyn Monroe. "It's like the way-exaggerated version of Marilyn," Turnbow says. Start by filling in the eyebrow in an exaggerated shape with a brown pencil. Then highlight the eyelid with a cream-colored shadow, and use liquid liner in a subtly winged shape that's thick in the middle. For the lips, line with MAC lipliner in Cherry, and then fill in with matte lipstick. Leave the rest of the face simple and matte.
taylor momsen
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Taylor Momsen
Little J's not so little anymore — and neither is the amount of eyeshadow she uses. "To avoid having a huge mess on your hands, apply all that eyeshadow before you do anything else. That way, you can clean the fall-off from your face before it ruins the rest of your look," Turnbow says. Start by lining your eyes with thick black liner. Then take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and fill in a thick round line on the top and bottom lids — make the center of the eyes darkest and graduate the line out so it's cloudier at the ends. When you're done, use a baby wipe to wipe off any excess that has fallen on your face, then apply concealer and foundation. "Bring a couple of Q-tips in your purse to clean up smudges, and stick with long-lasting eyeshadows and mascaras," Turnbow says.
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