Just Try Not to Get Lost in This Gorgeous Marble Lip Art


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(Image credit: Design by Monica Park)

Along with millennial pink, the Instagram generation loves itself some marble. Whether it's product flat lay on a streaky stone table or marbleized nail art, it's a guaranteed follower-pleaser. And with lip art being the phenomenon it is, we supposed it was only a matter of time before pouts started getting the Carrara treatment.

From what we've observed, many of the MUAs creating these super-detailed looks gravitate towards traditional Calacatta neutrals, like matte white and grays. However, there are also more colorful takes, like turquoise and gold, or even riffs on Sienna marble with billows of yellows, purples, reds, and blues.

To create these designs, artists first paint on a liquid lip color base coat, then meticulously add swirls and cracks in different hues to mimic the metamorphic rock. Since marble is, by nature, imperfect, perhaps it makes this next-level lip art *slightly* more practical than other intricate designs.

See below for some of the most dazzling stone-inspired looks:

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