Detox Your Skin with a Beauty Shot

Take a shot of this for glowing skin.

Tinctures, boosters, shots—call them what you like, but "sippable" skin savers are everywhere now. Moon Juice's new beauty milk has mineral-rich pearl powder, an ancient Taoist remedy for glowing skin. The Organic Pharmacy's tincture features detoxifying, antibacterial marigold to keep skin clear of blemishes. And Juice Generation's dermatologist-formulated shot promotes a healthy complexion with ingredients like green tea and guarana.

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THE ORGANIC PHARMACY Clear Skin Tincture, $26.

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MOON JUICE Beauty Milk, $9.

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JUICE GENERATION Daily Nutrition for Skin by Dr. Colbert DD Shot, $4.

Jennifer G. Sullivan

Jennifer Goldstein is the former beauty & health director of Marie Claire and co-host of the award-winning beauty podcast Fat Mascara. In her quest to uncover the world's beauty secrets, she’s gotten tattooed in New Zealand, dug up turmeric in India, harvested shea nuts in Ghana, and squeezed enzyme-rich eggs from salmon in Norway. She can pluck eyebrows like a pro and has read the FDA monograph on sunscreen labeling and effectiveness—but she still can’t get liquid eyeliner to look the same on both eyes.