Super-sized lips are having a moment, but we don't all have thousands to drop on injections (and/or a last name that rhymes with Shmardashian). Fortunately, we have proof that you don't have to win the lottery—or waste your windfall—to get a plush pout. All you really need? A $12 lip crayon...and this how-to.

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Pick a Bold Color

While any shade of lip color works, brights give lips extra plumpness. "A bold color contrasts with your skin tone to make lips really pop," explains makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor. We used Maybelline New York Color Blur in Orange Ya Glad (a 2-in-1 crayon and smudger), $12.19;

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Define Your Cupid's Bow

Draw an "X" on your cupid's bow starting ever so slightly above each peak. The intersection of the two lines establishes the trough of the bow—and keeps it from dipping too low. "A deep V makes lips look drawn on," Sotomayor warns.

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Plump Your Upper Lip

To line the right side of your upper lip, draw from the top right point of the X to the right corner of your mouth. The trick to building fullness without looking clown-like? Only curve the line over your lip's natural border in the first half—scoot back inside the lipline before you near the corner. Fill in with color and repeat on the other side.

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Fill in Your Bottom Lip

Here, skip lining—another trick to save you from a clownish ring-around-the-mouth effect. Instead, rub the color on the center of your bottom lip and work your way outwards.

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Expand Your Lower Lip

To make your pout look extra cushiony, use the blurring tool at the opposite end of the crayon on your lower lip line. Swipe it back and forth in a curved motion, and, like a slowing pendulum, make the strokes shorter and shorter till they focus on the center of the bottom lip. This will extend the color a liiiittle bit beyond your lip's edge—without the messy kid-playing-with-Mom's-lipstick effect.

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Snap a Selfie

While we'd opt for a crayon over the needle any day, we did learn on thing from the K-Team: Show off your amped-up results on Instagram.

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