Here's Exactly What MAC's New Basic Bitch Eyeshadow Palette Looks Like on Your Skin

Six new #MACGirls palettes, a billion excited tears.

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MAC/Chloe Metzger

Attention all basic bitches, you purveyors of hashtags, pumpkin spice lattes, and Sam Smith: MAC's Basic Bitch eyeshadow palette is finally here, and it's just *one* of six new palettes being released as part of the new #MACGirls collection. (Yes, truly.)

Though they won't hit stores until August 3, we got our hands on them early, and promptly swatched them all for your viewing pleasure. So start your countdown clock, and then memorize these pics for the next seven days.

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Basic Bitch in the palette...

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...Basic Bitch on our arm

If being basic means loving smoky maroon, lilac, and khaki shadows, then we're honestly not too broken up about it. MAC #MacGirls Basic Bitch, $39.50

BUY IT: (August 3)

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Fashion Fanatic in the palette...

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...Fashion Fanatic on our arm

With a mix of matte fuchsia and shimmery tangerine and lavender shades, this coral-toned palette will look especially flattering on tan, olive, and dark skin tones. MAC #MacGirls Fashion Fanatic, $39.50 BUY IT: 3)

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Mischief Minx in the palette...

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...Mischief Minx on our arm

If you've ever wanted to look like a bronzed, earthy goddess, this iridescent copper, orange, and gold palette is the literal key. MAC #MacGirls Mischief Minx, $39.50 BUY IT: (August 3)

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Prissy Princess in the palette...

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...Prissy Princess on our arm

Soft and subtle, this pinky-pink palette makes contouring your eyes fast and easy. Smudge the chocolate brown along your lash lines for a smoky feel, or just tap the pink over your lids and cheeks for a soft flush. MAC #MacGirls Prissy Princess, $39.50 BUY IT: (August 3)

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Power Hungry in the palette...

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...Power Hungry on our arm

Easily the most neutral of all of the palettes, this apricot, tan, and beige palette has the perfect mix of iridescent and matte shades to make it easy to use for all eyeshadow newbs. MAC #MacGirls Power Hungry, $39.50 BUY IT: (August 3)

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Rockin' Rebel in the palette...

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...Rockin' Rebel on our arm

We're assuming this palette has "rebel" in the title for its smattering of teal blue, forest green, and shimmery copper and mink shades. Blend one across your lid and pair with a thick coat of black mascara for a statement finish. MAC #MacGirls Rockin' Rebel, $39.50 BUY IT: (August 3)

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