Britney Spears Handled This Wardrobe Malfunction Like a Genius

She's got this.

Britney Spears Performing
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Britney Spears has been doing this show business thing for 17 years. If you think something like a little wardrobe malfunction is going to phase her, you are grossly mistaken.

Over the weekend, while performing her 2009 single "3" for her her Las Vegas residency show "Piece of Me," the closure of Spears' sequin, sheer-paneled stage costume came undone. Despite this, Spears completed her routine in full, to perfection—even after several of her dancers tried to zip her up to no avail.

For many, it's a reminder that, despite some hurdles along the way, Spears is, and always will be, a total pro. Watch the fan-recorded video below:

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