Karlie Kloss's First Makeup Tutorial Features a Beauty Hack from Beyoncé

Who better to take beauty advice from?

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Between learning to code, going to school, and being a casual supermodel, Karlie Kloss has found time for vlogging. The 23-year-old take viewers behind the scenes of her *relatively* normal life, and she recently pulled a Kylie Jenner by filming a beauty tutorial. Because women who love beauty can absolutely love coding.

Karlie and her friend/makeup artist, Sir John (opens in new tab), recreated her look from the 2015 Met Gala, where she wore a black Versace gown, a smoky eye, and a soft, natural lip. 

"It's more of a feline liner that happens to take on a smoky appearance," Sir John explains. "Luminous skin, super soft lips...just kissable, touchable soft lips."

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To echo Karlie, who doesn't want that?

The look was created using relatively little product—just a touch of foundation, a base of taupe shadow, and a heavy liner for max drama. (Check out ABLE Cosmetics Cat Eye 101 Stylo (opens in new tab), $48.)

Oh, and it should be noted that a beauty tip from Beyoncé is featured in this video. She's literally good at everything.

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