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Brows Are the New Lips

It's all about making a statement.
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We're the same way: Besides filling them in andstudying celebrities' diligently, is there even anything else to *do* to your eyebrows? Turns out there are almost as many ways to decorate your arches as there are for your mouth, from outlining to (faux) piercing to, yes, coloring. Watch out, statement lip—there's a new embellished facial feature in town.
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The Lining, Part I
If eyebrows frame your face, then these are frames framing the frames framing your face. To recreate this Prada look, you'll need an eyebrow pencil, a steady hand, and a strong backbone. Take a few practice sweeps, then just go for it—there's really no other way to get a line that not-wobbly.
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The Lining, Part II
And just to up the ante even more, here's Chanel Resort 2016, which showed a line running underneath the brow too. #wipesattheready
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The Festival-Ready Dots
MUA extraordinaire Pat McGrath threw us a bone in the form of the insanely copyable Vuitton Resort look. Just dot white liquid liner following the top arch, making sure not to go beyond where the hairs end.
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The Reshaping
Rihanna—at the Fashion People Oscars, no less—once again proposed a New Beauty Idea we will most heartily accept. Pat some concealer on the tails, then draw on a strong, straight shape. Dot on an eyeliner beauty mark to finish.
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The Coloring
Fancy seeing you again, Badgley Mischka. (Pssst...more directions here.)
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The (Faux) Piercing
This is Rodarte, if you couldn't tell by the sudden drop in temperature. (Because it's so cool? Get it?) Pick up some small, open jump rings, widen them further with pliers, and apply using eyelash glue. Biker babe convention in Big Sur, here I come.
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