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Beauty Trend for the Daring: Two-Tone Makeup

Pick your crazy.

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Do you have trouble making decisions? Do you have a dream that, one day, you'll figure out how to use all the colors in an eyeshadow quad at once and not in liner/wash/highlight formation? If you're a wishy-washy flip-flopper who enjoys color-blocking and looking crazy in an Anna Piaggi kind of way, 1) the next five looks are for you and 2) we should hang out sometime.

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It's Dior, and it looks like a load of work, but it's *actually* as easy sticking your finger in a pot. Topshop's miraculous all-in-one lip ombré comes with two colors you layer on top of each other for a cool, gradient look. (You can also reverse the order so the lighter shade goes in the middle.)

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Wait! Come back! Once you get past the dots, you might see how Rothko-esque and modern this Peter Som makeup is: Taking your eyeshadow to the browbone couldn't be more now, as long as you keep the rest of your face very clean. For wearing this in daytime without scaring any children, don't go *so* far up and perhaps use a lighter hand with the top color.

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Pretty, no? This Neopolitan-y Nanette Lepore mouth is also a great way of cheating more even lips—choose two pinks or reds and use the lighter shade on the upper or lower—whichever's smaller.

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"I could see David Bowie rocking this" = a good test for picking makeup, always. The real-girl interpretation of this Max Mara eye is simply keeping the shape closer to the lash lines and refraining from painting on any lightning bolts.

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If Dior and Nanette Lepore had a baby, it would bear a striking resemblance to Holly Fulton. To get that precise Queen Amidala center, you're going to need a lip brush...and a lot of Q-tips.

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