The 15 Best Beauty Looks from the 2015 Emmys


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Jaimie Alexander

The Blindspot actress killed it with her smoky eye and slicked back hair.

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Sarah Hyland

Soft and pretty and perfect, no?

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Laura Prepon

The Orange is the New Black actress went slightly goth for the carpet—and we don't hate it.

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Taraji P. Henson

Those eyebrows! That smoky eye! THAT HAIR.

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Padma Lakshmi

The bright lip is absolutely gorgeous on Padma. *runs to buy similar color*

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Christina Hendricks

We love the center part and full volume. Va-va, uh, you know the rest.

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Sarah Paulson

You can't do better than a sleek side part and red lip.

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Claire Danes

Hair on point.

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Gina Rodriguez

We love the slicked back ponytail that emphasized the makeup look (plus, that's one way to beat the heat.)

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Lady Gaga

The Old Hollywood glam look is A++ for Gaga.

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Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts channeled Veronica Lake, and did it just *oh* so well.

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Sofia Vergara

The dark lip on Sofia is pretty much perfection.

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Elisabeth Moss

The blonde is just *so* good.

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Kerry Washington

The faux-bob, the dark lip, the sultry stare. Everything.

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Laverne Cox


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