Halloween Prep: Watch the *Trippiest* Internet Makeup Tutorials of All Time

If you pull one of these off, you're a legend.

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Halloween may seem far away, but if you plan on going next-level with your makeup (i.e. getting trippy with it), you're already behind in the game. Whether your keen on becoming a heart-attack-inducing sock monkey or straining *all the eyes* with a double vision visage, the internet has got you. Here, the 10 tutorials you won't be able to unsee, for better or for worse.

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1 X-Ray

Blogger NsomniaksDream not only masters the art of the IRL X-Ray, but does so on one half of the face for an extra dose of creepy.

2 Face in Face

Inspired by Sebastian Bieniek's Double Face photo series, blogger Promise Phan doubles down the face beat in the most unsettling of ways.

3 Double Vision

User Dope2111 slayed our minds with this double vision look. I mean, two fleeky brows, smoky eyes, and red lips. Damn.

4 More Than Meets the Eye

If you really want to run around messing with people, look no further than this disappearing act by designdain. Just watch it.

5 Pixel Face

Inspired by Pixel Minecraft, Dope211 is back at it again with some low-res realness. It took her a good two and half hours to complete, which probably makes it most of the beginning-friendly how-to's on this list.

6 Sock Monkey

We love sock monkeys! Or, at least we did until user Madeyewlook brought the childhood staple to life in human form. This said, respect.

7 Finding Dory

Everyone knows Dory's the baddest ocean-dweller in the game, so instead of being Harley Quinn like everybody else, be this little blue tang fish.

8 Snapchat Rainbow Puke

Okay, the Snapchat Rainbow is kind of old news at this point, but we guarantee no one will be disappointed if you show up to a party looking like this.

9 Pop Art Comic Book

Maaaaajor Roy Lichtenstein vibes. Also a good route if you're a fan of bold brows and extreme contouring.

10 *Four* Face

AKA beer goggles. 'Nuff said.

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