9 Fascinating Vintage Videos of Women and Their Beauty Routines

Meet the O.G. vloggers.

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Once upon a time, before brows were on fleek or face beats were snatched, YouTube and Instagram didn't exist. And thus, a woman's beauty routine was hers and hers alone. Well, for the most part—the exception being this rare footage we've uncovered from the deepest depths of the internet. From Liz Taylor applying a smoky eye like a boss to '60s-era Maybelline ads, meet the O.G. beauty vloggers.

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1 1930s Contouring

Makeup is made to measure proclaims this '30s-era video, which takes abstract art to flawless finish in miraculous fashion. Seriously, if you thought clown contouring was extreme, watch this.

2 Max Factor Master-Classing

If you know anything about makeup, you know that Max Factor was the G of all G's for the Old Hollywood set. If you're ever bingeing old movies on TCM, chances are you're looking at face beats from Factor himself. 

3 Constance Bennet's "Daily Beauty Rituals"

Bennet, a '30s star, shared her "daily beauty rituals" in the newly-minted technicolor technology, really driving home the whole great-skin-equals-great-makeup theory.

4 Elizabeth Taylor Slayin'

Perhaps it was Mario Dedivanovic who said it best? "She did that eye in seconds with that tiny brush," he wrote during a #TBT post. "Shadow, crease, and liner. Boom👏."

5 1960s Baking

The ladies of the '60s loved baking and bouffants in equal parts. That is all.

6 Moisturized AF, POND'S-Style

If you love POND's cream and got it from your mama, you'll appreciate this vintage clip in which one of the brands consultants (circa the '40s) shows a slew of ladies how to get extremely heavy handed with moisturizer. 

7 1960's Skincare

The facial massage existed long before the days of K-beauty and this video proves it. Also, this is totally baking and bouffants pt. 2.

8 Throwback Maybelline Ad

Is it just us, or were Maybelline ads much more raw back in the day? We're living for the close-up shots of brows being filled and eyes smoked out to perfection. 

9 The Body Shop Is Born

When The Body Shop was first coming up in the '80s, it tapped makeup hero Barbara Daly to bless shoppers with a master class. From concealing under-eye bags to tightlining the eyes, she covers *all* bases.

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