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10 Deodorants That Smell Way Better Than Teen Spirit

Not quite the smell of money. But close.

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Welcome to the sticky, icky time that comes along with warm weather and sunshine and happiness. Here, 10 of the best deodorants to combat being *that* person, especially on public transit.

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1 Captain Blankenship

Arrowroot helps this lime and vetiver cream dry to a powder finish, so you won't feel like there's frosting gluing your arms to your sides, ew. 

$16, dermstore.com.

2 Degree

Specially designed to not leave white streaks on your black T-shirts, nor yellow stains on your white ones. 

$5, target.com.

3 Dove

A fan favorite for the "Oooh, that's me" scent (in a good way). And you've known about its staying power since seventh-grade phys ed. 

$25 for four, amazon.com.

4 Dr. Hauschka

Contains no aluminum, and, despite the name, smells less of rose-garden rose than "wild rose that grows amongst your herb garden if the sage weren't sad and half-dead."

$24, dermstore.com.

5 Etiaxil

French women don't sweat (haha) because they wear this extra-strength, unscented antiperspirant.

$17, amazon.com.

6 La Roche Posay

Another Frenchie roll-on sans aluminum and avec a clean scent certain parts of the beauty community call "a revelation." 

$16, walmart.com.

7 Meow Meow Tweet

Made our top-five natural deos for its baking-soda-free formula (no irritation here) and lemon pie scent, mmm. 

$14, meowmeowtweet.com.

8 PiperWai

Even though it's a cream you will, yes, have to touch your armpits to apply, this stuff won't let you down in the keeping-you-fresh department—nor will it transfer. Promise.

$16, amazon.com.

9 Soapwalla

It's organic. It's vegan. It's what Emma Watson slathers on her pits.

$19, amazon.com.

10 Weleda

If you're none to keen on massaging messy creams into your underarms, go for this lemony spray, which promises to aid "your body's natural detoxification process." Cool!

$14, dermstore.com.

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