The Absolute Best Way to Apply Foundation

Perfectly glowy and natural-looking, every single time.

The 12 Absolute Best Under-Eye Concealers

Because looking like a zombie is so last century.

The Beauty Evolution of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
There are the Olsens, and then there are the Olsens 2.0, and I love …
The ultimate guide to all things "makeup" from the editors of Marie Claire. Check out our favorite lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners and "how to" guides to help keep you on trend this season.
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Mona Lisa painting
This Woman Is Going Viral for Turning Her Face Into the Mona Lisa

She's the Leonardo da Vinci of contouring, and I'm in awe.

The 5 Best SPF-Filled Moisturizers I Promise Don’t Suck

They're lightweight, non-greasy, and no, they won't break you out.

The 5 Best Self-Tanners That Will Never, Ever, Ever Streak

Welcome to your new, perfectly bronzed life.

5 Crazy-Good Beauty Products I'm Loving This Week

My real, unfiltered reviews of new products that are actually worth your $$.

Vanessa Hudgens Just Launched an Insanely Cool Makeup Collection

Festival-themed eyeshadows and nail polishes to wear all summer long.

Twitter Can't Deal With Sephora's New NSFW Makeup Sponges

"They are all natural, paraben-free, and uncircumcised."

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The 6 Best Waterproof Mascaras That Don't Require a Sander to Remove

All-day length and volume, without having to rip out your lashes at the end of the day.

Meghan Markle's Favorite Lipstick Has Been Leaked and I Need It Right Now

I may not be royal, but at least my lips will feel like they are.

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The 5 Best Waterproof Eyeliners for Your Next 'Queer Eye' Binge

Take it from me, the woman who cries at everything (and nothing).

The Weird Way Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Cleans His Makeup Brushes

It's so easy, I'm kind of annoyed I haven't tried it.

These 8 Makeup Trends Are the Only Beauty Inspo 2018 Needs

Delivered straight from the runway to your face.

The Easiest Way to Contour Your Face If You're Supremely Lazy

Cheekbones so sharp, you can throw away your knives.

6 Ridiculously Pretty Makeup Tutorials for Whatever Your Valentine’s Day Looks Like

Hot date? Netflix and chill? Solo dinner? We’ve got you covered.

The 5 Best Beauty Brands That Are Also Really, Truly Inclusive

Our favorite hair, makeup, and skincare lines that are redefining beauty.