Watch George Bush Make Barack Obama Laugh Like a Schoolboy During Bill Clinton's Speech

Those cheeky world leaders.

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Former president George W. Bush couldn't help but crack a joke in former president Barack Obama's ear whilst other former president Bill Clinton was giving a speech on the stage next other other former presidents Jimmy Carter and George Bush Sr.

Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama
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For the Hurricane Relief concert in Texas on Saturday, the five former presidents joined forces with Lady Gaga and more, raising nearly $33 million for those affected. And during this uplifting yet serious event, Bush Jr. took the opportunity to try and succeed in making the 44th president do that thing where you try not to giggle but giggle harder instead.

Thankfully, the internet was on hand to capture the moment Bush uttered his funny line—and the moment Obama laughed and tried to make his face serious again.

Hands up if you think it was a "your mom" joke?

Mature, guys, real mature.

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