Britney Spears Dancing to Adele Is the Best Britney Spears There Is

No one loves "Hello" more than Brit.

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While you, I and the rest of the world are caught up in what can only be described as Adele-mania, there seems to be no fan more devoted to the record-breaking (opens in new tab) songstress than Britney Spears.

Britney, who first sang Adele's praises in a letter written for (opens in new tab)ELLE (opens in new tab) in 2013, has further exalted her fangirl status by doing what she does best—dancing. Here she is twirling (4 turns in a row! Impressive, right?) to the tune of "Hello":

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The "Pretty Girls" singer's Insta-tribute is just the latest chapter in the ongoing Britney/Adele love story. After Adele admitted (opens in new tab) she'd like to see Britney's Vegas show the minute her schedule allows, Brit jumped at the chance to trade concert tickets:

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Here's to hoping this love-fest makes its way into the recording studio soon. Because what could possibly be better than an Adele-Britney collab?  

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Evan Real
Evan Real