Britney Spears Dancing to Adele Is the Best Britney Spears There Is

No one loves "Hello" more than Brit.

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While you, I and the rest of the world are caught up in what can only be described as Adele-mania, there seems to be no fan more devoted to the record-breaking songstress than Britney Spears.

Britney, who first sang Adele's praises in a letter written forELLE in 2013, has further exalted her fangirl status by doing what she does best—dancing. Here she is twirling (4 turns in a row! Impressive, right?) to the tune of "Hello":

The "Pretty Girls" singer's Insta-tribute is just the latest chapter in the ongoing Britney/Adele love story. After Adele admitted she'd like to see Britney's Vegas show the minute her schedule allows, Brit jumped at the chance to trade concert tickets:

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Here's to hoping this love-fest makes its way into the recording studio soon. Because what could possibly be better than an Adele-Britney collab?  

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